Hvem er vi?


Ramsøskar interior designers are the industry's most colour loving. Our specialty is interiors that add energy and exuberance. We recognise that people are influenced by their surroundings, and our goal is to release enthusiasm and job satisfaction.

We want the customer to put their own mark on the interiors we design. A workplace should convey corporate identity. A home should express who the owners are. Deep understanding of the client's needs and preferences is the key to a good result. For this reason our work is characterised by very close contact with the individual customer.

We deliver design for offices, hotels and shops. We also specialise in personalised design for homes and holiday houses.


Ramsøskar Interior Architects is a full service interior architecture company based in Oslo. Trond Ramsøskar has 15 years of experience in his field. He was educated at the Art and Crafts Academy of Oslo and has an MA in interior architecture and furniture design. In addition, he also has experience working for the interior architect organisation NIL, where he served as president for 4 years. Ramsøskar's office has affiliated itself with the industry's best and places particular importance on innovation by recruiting young talent.


Ramsøskar Interior Architects develops each project with one goal in mind: to create rooms that are desirable and that sell. To achieve this goal we emphasize conducting a thorough analysis and understanding of the user's personality, interests and preferences. This analysis is used for both concept and identity designs for hotels, stores and offices. The analysis is also used for personal designs of private housing and holiday homes.

We do not believe that designer furniture and frivolous or luxurious solutions in the office are enough to create an attractive work place. We believe in good solutions that reflect who the user is. The goal is to create tailored rooms that make for satisfied users, not to win architecture prizes.

Satisfied users come back, and are inclined to come back again and again.


Ramsøskar Interior Architects has had commissions spanning from Hammerfest in the North to Brussels in the South. Despite this large geographical range, our goal is to always be hands on. This entails personal monitoring of all projects during all phases of work. Our goal is to do an excellent job, not only for our customers, but for our customer's customers.