A few years ago, Interior Architect and NIL member Trond Ramsøskar was commissioned to furnish a large hotel in Brussels: Thon Hotel EU. The result was such a success and the collaboration so good, that we here at The Olav Thon Group decided to commission him as our permanent interior architect for both new constructions and renovations, big and small. We can see the positive results of the work and our guests are extremely pleased with the hotels' new appearance. As the design manager for The Olav Thon Group, I have always worked very closely with Trond Ramsøskar. It has been an inspiring, challenging and rewarding collaboration. With his artistic sense, Ramsøskar has put his mark on the interiors, while also being responsive to our requirements: we want fresh, happy and colourful interiors that give guests a special experience, far from the homely sphere, but with sense and consideration for the hotel's unique character. Ramsøskar is result-orientated and has a strong aptitude for practical solutions. He is quick and effective while also taking each task seriously. He is easy to be around and simply fun to work with. As a representative for The Olav Thon Group I can give Trond Ramsøskar our very best recommendations.

Sissel Berdal Haga
Sissel Berdal Haga Design Manager for The Olav Thon Group

Trond Ramsøskar was our interior architect when we were set to redecorate a newly bought brick house from 1929. It was a fantastic experience with regards to both the process and the result. We commissioned Trond to be the interior architect for our mountain apartments, rental apartments and last but not least, two operations in Stavanger and Oslo, respectively. Trond has a few unique qualities that we fell for. He understands the client, the requirement, the function and importantly, the budget, when developing his suggestions. The rental apartments were equipped with Ikea furnishings, while more expensive options were chosen for the house. An important quality. The solutions for the office were so good that our advertising agency commissioned him to do the same on their premises. Last but not least, Trond is neatness itself. From the areas of drawing to budgeting there aren't many competitors in his industry. Trond Ramsøskar Interior Architects is a good place to be a client.

Øyvind Sandvik
Øyvind Sandvik Housing and Offices

Trond Ramsøskar was commissioned as a consultant for the expansion of Oslo's Sørenga neighbourhood, in conjunction with the development and sale of several of the resulting constructions. He assisted us with consultation and making decisions about interior standards and design, while also compiling optional design packages in different styles and assisting in meetings with individual clients. The design packages were very well received on the market and contributed greatly to our sales success in Sørenga during the years 2009 – 2013.

Trude Larsen
Trude Larsen Housing

Trond Ramsøskar has been an interior architect for over 15 years. He has a unique eye for gauging your taste, while always putting his own signature on the work. He is fantastic when it comes to colour choices and exciting combinations. I am especially pleased with the bathroom, which is like a little oasis, along with the long, classic hallway that he has managed to integrate into the rest of the apartment in a refined way, rather than letting it lie there like a lonely, narrow tract.

Kristin Zachariassen
Kristin Zachariassen Housing

We have made use of Trond's skills as an interior architect twice and have recommended him to several friends. Trond quickly understood what kind of people we are and came up with suggestions that suited our style, just edging us a little further than we would have dared to go by ourselves. It was fun to work with him and we learnt a lot. He created great drawings and descriptions so that the different quotes we received from the craftsmen could be compared. We also brought Trond along to the weekly meetings with the craftsmen, which gave us great security as he was good at discussing and finding solutions with them when something unexpected happened. We are extremely satisfied with his work and recommend him with pleasure!

Elin Stange Heikvam
Elin Stange Heikvam Housing

We have used Trond Ramsøskar on two occasions and are very satisfied. We would especially like to mention his ability to find good colour and textile combinations. He figures out what we like, but also “stretches” us a little and the result is always good! Trond is also good at finding smart and practical solutions that are inexpensive. He is worth every kroner. Merete and Rolf.

Rolf Hanche-Olsen
Rolf Hanche-Olsen Housing

Trond gave us results that last and that we won't get bored of after a few years. He got to know us before sketching solutions that we are very satisfied with but would never have thought of ourselves.

Marianne Lund Eriksen
Marianne Lund Eriksen Housing

Trond is creative and innovative, unafraid, ambitious and fun to work with.

Ida Festervoll
Ida Festervoll Former Managing Director for NIL